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Manfred’s is a partnership between Archie’s Place Food Truck and Bar Gernika Pub and Eatery. The owners of each establishment have worked together for many years and always thought combining forces would be a good idea.

A Little History about Bar Gernika:

According to Boise Basques by Gloria Pilar Totoricaguena, the building at at 202 South Capitol Boulevard had been used as a Chinese laundry and then was Chin Joe Restaurant. The uses before it became a tavern were due to its proximity to the old Boise Chinatown, which has long disappeared with few remnants remaining. The building then became the Trade Dollar Bar, and in 1948, it became the Cub Tavern.

The Cub was a landmark in downtown Boise through the 50’s and was able to survive the redevelopment frenzy of the 1970’s. In the late 80’s, through the foresight of Adelia Garro Simplot and Romaine Gailey Hon , the Cub building was saved by the Basque Cultural Center of Idaho, Inc., better know as the Basque Museum and Cultural Center and the Oppenheimer Development Corporation. They agreed to lease the building to Dan Ansotegui for a restaurant that was originally to be named the Shepard’s Son. Shortly afterward it became the Gernika Basque Pub and Eatery. Renovation of the “Cub” building was completed in 1990. The work was recognized by Preservation Idaho and was presented an Orchid Award for excellence in preservation.

In January of 2008, Dan passed the Gernika torch to long time employee Jeff May. Jeff had been working for Dan at the restaurant since 1999, and at Dan’s other venture, the Basque Market.

And some about Archie’s Place:

Named after, then 2 year old son, Archie, Jason started Archie’s Place as a Sloppy Joe truck in 2011. A simple idea to expand upon.

Jason’s time spent as a short order cook at Bar Gernika for 18 years soon paid off as the truck got very busy. Fast and furious was the pace that was needed and desired. Lunches, events, caterings and parties all came and went with great praise. Archie’s was named the Best Food Truck by the Boise Weekly three years in a row. As success came, the desire for a brick and mortar establishment grew.

Along the way, the food evolved and a theme was established…COMFORT FOOD re-imagined. The Sloppy Grilled Cheese and Tacodilla were born! Comfort food is the theme that will continue as the truck itself (affectionately known as MEATHEAD) takes on a new role as the star of Manfred’s Catering.